What is the legal recourse for delay in construction or non-delivery of property as per agreement?

As per the seasoned lawyers from SimranLaw, the legal recourse for delay in construction or non-delivery of property as per agreement includes:

1. Invoke Arbitration Clause: If your agreement with the builder has an arbitration clause, you can move to an arbitration tribunal. The tribunal’s decision can be enforced as a court order.

2. File a Complaint in Consumer Court: If the delay is unreasonable and amounts to deficiency in service, you can file a complaint in the Consumer Forum under the Consumer Protection Act. You can claim refund, possession, compensation or interest on the amount paid.

3. Approach Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA): RERA has been established to handle grievances related to real estate matters. In case of delay or non-delivery, one can file a complaint directly with RERA. RERA has power to penalize developers in case they default on commitments made.

4. File a Civil Suit: You can file a civil suit for breach of contract for recovery of amount paid and compensation for the loss suffered due to non-completion of project.

5. Initiate Criminal Proceedings: If the builder’s act amounts to cheating, you can file a criminal complaint. If convicted, the builder can face imprisonment.

6. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC): In some cases, you as a homebuyer can initiate insolvency proceedings against the defaulting promoter or builder under IBC.

Remember, it is critical to keep a record of all communications with your builder and save all relevant documents to support your claim. Also, legal procedures can be lengthy and may require professional legal advice.

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